Professional craftspeople, are made, not born!

By Chris Walker
December 24, 2018

  If you’re reading this, you are already ahead of the game. Why? Because as a professional in your trade, you belong to one of the nation’s largest independent industry trade associations dedicated to training and professional development. I am...
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Tom Ade Ceramic Tile Scholarship

By NTCA Staff
December 24, 2018

      The Tom Ade Ceramic Tile Scholarship has been established by the NTCA to provide educational opportunities for children or grandchildren of NTCA Contractor Members. The scholarship’s namesake, Tom Ade, is a former NTCA Regional Director and...
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Thoughts on hollow-sounding tile

By Martin Brookes
December 21, 2018

    I would like to add my thoughts to the discussion for the recently-posted article titled “Hollow Sounding Tiles and Spot Bonding” written by Stephanie Samulski (TileLetter TECH issue, November 2018). The article makes a number of valid points.
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Welcome to the NTCA Forum

By Avia Haynes
December 20, 2018

      Welcome to the NTCA Forum, the official blog of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA). We created this blog as place to discuss our dedication to the tile trade, qualified labor and the building industry.
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